Thank you to all CPC affiliates who participated this weekend in our 2nd Annual Culpickle Classic at MRLP. It was a beautiful weekend with lots of fun and exciting games. Congrats to all those who medaled. It wouldn’t have happened without our sponsors, volunteers and the CPC board… huge thanks to all. And lastly, thanks to Culpeper Parks and Rec for allowing CPC to use the courts to host this tournament.

Womens Under 3.5 medalists were:
Gold: Elaine Brissette and Grace Coleman
Silver: Crystal Hale and Ella Coleman
Bronze: Susan Dodson and Sarah Brockarie

Mens Under 3.5 medalists were:
Gold: Sean Somerville and Blake Sheads
Silver: Gino Binkert and Alex Hines
Bronze: David Garcia and Jere Willis

Women’s 3.5 Above medalists were:
Gold: Mollie Shidell and Emily Olson
Silver: Brooke Hall and Nicola Tidey Meadows
Bronze: Teresa Kroencke and Bethany Mathis

Men’s 3.5 Above medalists were:
Gold: Larry Horner and Tristan Weakley
Silver: Bryce Lenon and Antony Rozwadowski
Bronze: Mike Fabling and Jon Dowell

3.5 Under Mixed medalists were:
Gold: Grace Coleman and Daivd Garcia
Silver: Aaron Lovell and Juli Schafer
Bronze: Alex Hines and Elaine Brissette

3.5 Above Mixed medalists were:
Gold: Mike Fabling and Mollie Shidell
Silver: Jamie Coleman and Brooke Hall
Bronze: Deborah Ketelhut White and Antony Rozwadowski