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Are you ready to play pickleball like every point counts? Looking to make the most of the winter months and improve your DUPR Rating? Look no further join Culpeper Pickleball Club (CPC) at the CC Fieldhouse for DUPR Play! Come and play your best and CPC will take care of the rest. You must sign up with a DUPR account at prior to this event.  All levels welcome, game match ups will be determined by DUPR ratings, and are at the Club DUPR Director’s discretion to give you the most useful results. See how it works at

Regularly play pickleball and keep hearing about DUPR ratings? Want to get a DUPR rating and don’t currently have one? Already had a DUPR rating and would like to improve it? Dynamic universal pickleball rating (DUPR) is the most accurate and only global rating system in the game of pickleball. All players regardless of age, location, skill, or gender are rated on the same scale based on their match results.

Sign up for scheduled DUPR games at the Culpeper County Fieldhouse.

January 5: DUPR Game Play

January 12: DUPR Game Play