DUPR Flex League Cycle 2 is open for registration! We will have brackets for Men’s doubles, Women’s doubles, and Mixed Doubles.


Registration for Cycle 2 ends on May 7th.

As the name FLEX League implies, you and your partner can arrange your matches at a time that suits you and your opponents, however, there will be court time reserved at MRLP on Thursday evenings specifically for league play for those who enjoy the social aspect of leagues and convenience of scheduled play.

Below are the dates for the remaining league cycles.

  • Cycle 2: May 11-June 8
  • Cycle 3: June 15-July 13
  • Cycle 4: Aug 17-Sep 14
  • Cycle 5: Sep 21-Oct19

Please note that all DUPR Flex League game scores will be reported into the DUPR system and a DUPR account is required.